The Yukihiro Group Resort is an island resort located on one of Japan's southern islands. The resort features various beaches and beach activities as well as boasting water-side cabins that are built on a jetty over the ocean. The jetty also has stairs at various points that allow access into the ocean.

Accessed via boat or seaplane, during Golden Week, Ayaka Yukihiro attempted to take Negi to the island to be with him alone, however, having leaked the plan to Kazumi and Haruna, the rest of the class also managed to make their way to the island to spend Golden Week at the resort.
As Negi and Asuna's relationship was, at the time, facing difficulties, the class attempted a series of ploys while at the island to get the two to reconcile.



  • During his stay on the resort, Negi stayed in room 310. Asuna and Ayaka stayed in room 304.

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