One of Yue Ayase's characteristic quirks is that she is usually seen drink or at least holding some kind of exotic beverage. The following is a list of these beverages seen through the Negima! Magister Negi Magi series.

Green Tea Cola

Presumably a Green Tea flavoured cola drink that Yue found in Kyoto in chapter 7. In the anime, Chamo is also seen hold a Green Tea Cola while in the bath with Negi.

Green Tea Orange

It appeared in chapter 8


Appearance in chapter 28.
(Since Yue's fingers cover up half the box, I could only get 'パ' (pa), 'イ' (i), and 'ン' (n) out of it.

Ultra Divine Water

It appeared in chapter 37.

Last Elixir

It appeared in chapter 44 and chapter 45.
Translator Notes say it's Final Fantasy's Megalixir, Lightly Carbonated.

Black vinegar tomato milk

It appeared in chapter 74.

School festival limited merchandise: Water of Life

It appeared in chapter 81.

Ore no Otoko-Jiru

It appeared in chapter 88.


It appeared in chapter 107.

Milk Cola

It appeared in chapter 127.

Salt Water

It appeared in chapter 178.

Unknown drinks

In some panels, the words are too small to read in chapter 28

Unfortunately sold out drinks

  • Tomato milk
In chapter 54, Nodoka coming back with 3 drinks saying the Tomato milk Yue wanted could not be found.

Soda Machine drinks

These are drinks from a soda machine that appeared in chapter 127.

  • Milk Tomato (box)
  • 7 taste cola (七味コーラprobably a reference to Shichimi-togarashi) (box)
  • Tomato soda (can)

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