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Vinctus Aquarius
Kanji 流水の縛り手
Romaji ryuusui no shibarite
English Water Binder
Debut (Manga) Chapter 312
User(s) Natsume

Vinctus Aquarius (流水の縛り手, Water Binder) is a capture spell that creates a cylindrical pillar of water around the target. While it is not an offensive magic, the oxygen concentration within the pillar is entirely dependent on the mage – any targets caught in the spell can be asphyxiated.


Ex somno exsistat exudans Undina inimicum
immergat in alveum
Vinctus Aquarius!

Let the wave-tossed Undine appear from sleep,
Submerge the enemy into the riverbed!
Water Binder!

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