Veris Tempestas Florens
Veris Tempestas Florens
Kanji 春の嵐(ウェーリス・テンペスターズ・フローレンス)
Romaji Vērisu Tenpesutāzu Furōrensu
English Flowering Storm of Spring
Debut (Manga) Chapter 196
User(s) Lim Dis

Veris Tempestas Florens is an Earth and Water spell of the same level as Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens and Nivis Tempestas Obscurans, this spell also has a hypnotic effect, causing those affected to fall unconscious. As a result, this spell also has tactical military purposes as well for that same reason.


Veniant, spiritus terreteres florentes,
cum flore somniali sub caelo percurrant una tempestas.
Veris Tempestas Florens

Come, Spirits of Earth and Flowers!
Under the Blue Sky With Dreaming Flowers comes a Storm.
Flowering Storm of Spring!

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