Ok first if you havent read UQ Holder as well as Negima than ya may not get what Im wondering about but at the end of Negima before Asuna comes back you see how much Negi missed her and wanted to be with her while she was gone... Now that shes back, ...the future where he missed her wont happen so is it safe to say Negi wont end up missing her and developing those feelings for if shes back the need for the clone wont be there so im guessing Touta wont be cloned ... as for Negi's Fate... at the end of Negima it shows the future of all the characters and it seems he never ended up with UQ Holder it shows the past after Asuna comes back he turns down Nodaka and Yue then confesses his love for Chisame but its kinda safe to guess she turns him down and become the internet recluse/hikikomori from the ending of Negima.... what are yalls thoughts on the future of who Negi ends up with or the future of Touta... I used to think Asuna being his one true partner would be a great romantic fit but now that shes his Aunt it would be too weird but that seldom stops an anime from playing the incest card lol... 

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