Nagi Springfield.

Otherwise known as the famous 'Thousand Master'.

Nagi Springfield, also known as the Thousand Master, is known all over Mundus Magius. He and the rest of Ala Rubara, Al Imma, Eishun Konoe, Jack Rakan, Goteau, had saved the universe from destruction, both Mundu Magius and Earth. As a human, he became a very strong and almost invincible magister. Being only 14 when he saved the universe, that made him even more incredible. Having disappeared after a short time he and Arika married, many thought he was dead. But that is NOT what had happened.

Nagi Springfield, successor of Ala Rubara

Name: Nagi Springfield (Human, male)
Age: Unconfirmed (Was 14 years old when he saved the universe from destruction)
Also known as: The Thousand Master
Group: Ala Rubara

Wife: Arika (Queen of Calmity)

Half-daughter: Kagurazaka Asuna (Imperial princess of Twilight)

Daughter: Nekane Springfield

Son: Negi Springfield

What really happened to the Thousand Master: 20 years ago, Ala Rubara failed to vanquish the Mage of the beginning. 10 years ago, they only narrowly managed to seal away the Mage, but only through the sacrafice of a single hero. The time when they thought Nagi had died, he didn't. He was simple sealed away inside the Mage to seal away the Mage. Years later, The Cosmo group had re-awakened. They KNEW that the Mage was sealed away inside Nagi under the World tree located at Mahora, Japan. They revived the Mage, but leaving Nagi still within him. After Kagurazaka Asuna and Negi Springfield, half-daughter and son of Nagi fatally injured the Mage, that had broken of the spell and released Nagi. The Cosmo group was planning to make a dream world for each citizen of Mundus Magius and to destroy the magical world. That is what Ala Rubara was trying to stop. And then Negi's group, Ala Alba, came around 10-15 years later and accomplished what Nagi wished for.

So Nagi didn't really die after all. He was just sealed away within the Mage of the Beginning. He had spent YEARS inside of the Mage, hoping that one day he would be freed. His hard work, along with his son's was truly something that everyone should know of. He and his son took diffrent paths, though. Nagi had chosen to fight alongside his comerades and remain human, but Negi had chosen to use Evangeline A.K McDowell's dark magic, Magia Ereaba, to make himself a non-human. Their sucess has brought on the happines, peace, and joy that now lives on Earth and Mundus Magius.


Arika, wife of Nagi Springfield.


Kagurazaka Ausna, half-daughter of Nagi Springfield.


Negi Springfield, son of Nagi Springfield.

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