• Chiu Chiu Chisame

    Nagi Springfield

    September 11, 2014 by Chiu Chiu Chisame

    Otherwise known as the famous 'Thousand Master'.

    Nagi Springfield, also known as the Thousand Master, is known all over Mundus Magius. He and the rest of Ala Rubara, Al Imma, Eishun Konoe, Jack Rakan, Goteau, had saved the universe from destruction, both Mundu Magius and Earth. As a human, he became a very strong and almost invincible magister. Being only 14 when he saved the universe, that made him even more incredible. Having disappeared after a short time he and Arika married, many thought he was dead. But that is NOT what had happened.

    Name: Nagi Springfield (Human, male)
    Age: Unconfirmed (Was 14 years old when he saved the universe from destruction)
    Also known as: The Thousand Master
    Group: Ala Rubara

    Wife: Arika (Queen of Calmity)


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