Terra Findens
Tearing Earth
Kanji 引き裂く大地(テッラ・フィンデーンス)
Romaji Terra Findēnsu
English Tearing Earth
Debut (Manga) Chapter 325
User(s) Fate Averruncus

Terra Findens (引き裂く大地(テッラ・フィンデーンス)) is an extremely powerful and large-scale spell of the Earth Series. Being a high-ranking western spell of the highest tier and most likely the strongest in the Earth/Stone series, it calls forth a wave/stream of lava – molten rock – from the caster's hand to attack.

Given that its spell structure is the same as Thousand Thunderbolts, Blazing Heat in the Sky and End of the World, as well as calling upon the same level of spirit power (the elemental king), it is arguably the same level, and the strongest Earth/Stone attack spell revealed in the series. Unusual for its level, it is not cast in Ancient Greek or Sanskrit, but Classical Latin.

This level of power is reinforced by the fact that Negi, when confronted by Fate at short range with this spell has to counter with the most powerful of the Lightning series, Thousand Thunderbolts.


Pareat pactum quod servet mihi, Rex Inferni.
Veniat, fractura tellustris, ardore torrente absorbens ad ultimos usque!
Inriget aestuaque, Deus Terrestris ruinae ardentis…
Terra Findens!

Heed the contract and serve me, oh King of Hades.
Come, cracking of the Earth, torrent of scorching heat engulfing the furthest reaches!
Seethe and surge forth, Earth God of burning ruination!
Tearing Earth!