Shiten Kekkai Dokko Rengaku
Dokko Rengaku
Kanji 四天結界独鈷錬殻
Romaji Shiten Kekkai Dokko Rengaku
English Four Heavens Bounded Field, Vajra-tempered Shell
Style Shinmei-ryū
Technique Class Kekkai 結界
Barrier Techniques
User(s) Setsuna

Shiten Kekkai Dokko Rengaku (四天結界独鈷錬殻, Four Heavens Bounded Field, Vajra-tempered Shell) is a Shinmei-ryū barrier technique where a defensive pyramid-shaped bounded field created by five single-pronged Vajras, four thrown to the ground in a square around the practitioner and one suspended above the head.

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