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Averruncus of Wind

Secundum was an Averruncus of Wind who was awaken four years after the war and he served as Tertium's superior when the latter was awaken eight years after the war. Unlike Quintum, the other Averruncus of Wind, Secundum was arrogant, immature, dimwitted, sadistic and believes he is a hero bringing salvation to the people of Mundus Magicus, however both of them share the believe that Tertium is defective. While he said he was configured to be the "strongest" by his master, in reality his loyalty and sense of purpose is what his master maxed out when calibrated him, Nagi claimed that he was weaker than Primum. Secundum was killed by Tertium, saving Shiori's life in the process, after Secundum rewrote Shiori's sister who had befriended Tertium earlier.


  • Like his companions, his name is derived from numbers, and in this case from the latin word for "second", as he is the second generation Averruncus.

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