Raisoku Shundō
Raisoku Shundo
Kanji 雷速瞬動
English Lightning-speed Instant Movement
Debut (Manga) Chapter 242
User(s) Negi

Raisoku Shundō (雷速瞬動, Lightning-speed Instant Movement) is an original spell created by Negi, achieved via Magia Erebea's Ή ΆΣΤΡΑΠΗ΄ ΎΠΕ΄Ρ ΟΥ΄ΡΑΝΟ΄Υ ΜΕΤΑ ΔΥΝΑ΄ΜΕΝΗ form. It is a type of Shundō that enables Negi to move in the speed of lightning, which is relatively 150 km/s (about 93 miles/second).

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