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The exact location of the portal is unknown, though its general location seems be close to Negi's hometown in Wales. The portal is supposed to be partially in another dimension, (according to Donnet McGuiness), and can be reached by using a navigation spell. Otherwise, the fog that surrounds it will cause any interlopers to get lost and disoriented. Such intruders will wander aimlessly before finally ending up several hours later, at the edge of town. One interesting point is that every ten years or so, a person can actually stumble across the portal due to sheer luck or accident. The odds for this to even happen is comparable to winning the jackpot of a lottery, (such as Sakurako Shiina's gambling luck). The portal resembles that of Stonehenge, but with completed stone arches and no erosion or damage. It only appears once a week and can apparently transport large groups of people to and from the Magic World. At very bad times, the portal may only appear once a month. Currently, with Fate's attack, the Gateport in the Magic World has been severely damaged, perhaps beyond repair. Subsequent attacks also disabled other portals around the world, with the only known remaining operational portal being the one linking the ruins of old Ostia and the World Tree at Mahora Academy.

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