A Pillow Fight is a common game mostly played by young children in which they engage in mock physical conflict, utilizing pillows as weapons.
Usually occuring during children's sleepovers or camps, while aggressive, since pillows are soft injuries rarely occur. However, the heft of a pillow can still knock a young person off balance.

In Japan, pillow fighting is known as makura-nage (枕投げ, まくらなげ). While a pillow fight mainly takes the form of beating each other with pillows, Japanese Makura-Nage is a game in which players mainly throw pillows at each other. The word "makura" means "pillow", "nage" means "throwing".



  • In earlier eras, pillows would often break, shedding feathers throughout a room, however, modern pillows tend to be stronger and are often filled with a solid block of artificial filling instead of feathers.
  • In the manga, Kazumi Asakura (guided by Chamo) headed a massive pillow fight competition during the Kyoto field-trip to help an unknowing Negi make as many new Pactios as possible. In the anime series the competition was held at Mahora Academy during spring break without Chamo's knowledge and was thusly not for the purpose of making Pactios.

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