Negi Compiled

Negi Sprinfield Compilation

Well, I'd like to start off by saying that I absolutely love Negima! It is by far the best series I have ever followed, so much so, that I've read through the series multiple times, and have watched all the episodes pertaining to the series multiple times. I draw Negima! art a lot, and have a website dedicated to my portfolio. It is filled with other things too, but Negima! is the main filler.

Negima! was the first manga I ever read before, having been hardly interested in any anime or manga prior to finding this. My friend introduced me, and I got hooked.

If you wanna see the art, you can go to one of two places:


Both these sites have images, although the first link has all my art on it, compared to the dA page, which has only 60% of all my works.

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