Negima!?: The Great Batle of Mahora Two, Everyone Check in! Let's go to the Hot Springs(ネギま!? 超麻帆良大戦チュウ チェックイ~ン全員集合!やっぱり温泉来ちゃいましたぁ Negima!? Chō Mahora Taisen Chū Chekku I~n Zen'in Shūgō! Yappari Onsen Kichaimashita~a ) is the sequel to Negima!?: The Great Battle of Mahora☆Contract Execution of the Negima series, set in a hot spring town instead of Osaka. New playable characters are Chao and Fuka.


The story this time is about how Negi’s female students want to help him cure his dislike towards hot springs. Before they could even begin carrying out their plan, Negi finds out what they are up to and the students have no choice but to abort their operation. Suddenly, monsters attack and all of his students but Asuna are kidnapped. With Negi’s powers sealed, he must work his students to battle the monsters using magical cosplay gear again.


Negi Spring Field

Playable: From start
Attribute : Magic Support Skill : Magic Teacher
Exclusive Outfit : Fox Girl Activation Condition: Constant effect
Special : Negi's Paka Support Effect : Double effect of Magic Attribute


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Character Group

Ako Izumi & Yuna Akashi

Ako and Yuna are the first two that were rescued. They were trapped in the Forest Hot Spring. They are the first two support characters which Ako can restore HP to one unit for 20 SP cost and Yuna doubles the effect of none elemental cosplay.

Sasaki Makie & Yukihiro Ayaka

Makie and Ayaka are trapped in the second section of Forest Hotspring, in which Ayaka woke up before Makie and converse with Negi. When Makie woke up she got confused and was again called "Failed at being Sasaki Makie" in which she gone into stone states in depression. Both has the great speed and high HP and their cosplay elements are sport. When equiped to another chacter Makie doubles the effect of Doll elemental cosplay while Ayaka rise monetary award by 50%.