Nebula Hypnotica
Nebula Hypnotica
Kanji 眠りの霧
Romaji nemuri no kiri
English Mists of Sleep
Debut (Manga) Chapter 24
User(s) Negi

Nebula Hypnotica (Mist of Sleep) is a spell which creates a light fog that appears around the caster, causing anyone else within its range to fall asleep for a short time. It is also possible to affect only one person by this spell, by exchanging "illis" for "his" within the incantation. The hypnotic effect of the mist is quite strong seeing as even beings that are highly resilient to magic and status effects were almost instantly knocked out. As the mist spreads relatively slowly, it can be easily avoided in outdoor areas, but the spell is fearsome in enclosed spaces.


Aer et aqua,
facti nebula illis somnum brevem.
Nebula Hypnotica!

Air and water,
Create a fog to make them sleep for a short while!
Mist of Sleep!


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