The Nagi Springfield Fanclub is a fanclub centered around Nagi Springfield.

The fanclub sprung following Nagi's involvment in the Great Bridge Recapture initiative during the war. Popular amongst the citizens of the Megalomesembria Confederation, following the end of the war and Ala Rubra's growing reputation as global heroes, the fanclub stretched as far as the Hellas Empire and Aridane.



  • The fanclub is possibly an allusion to the A.I. Love Network; a fanclub that focused on Ken Akamatsu's first manga, A.I. Love You. The club has since closed and the name was adopted to serve as the name of Akamatsu's blog.
  • Collette Farandole is member number #96077 and owns various Nagi-merchandise articles like a body pillow, a figurine, alarm clock, an Ala Rubra badge and a coffee cup.
  • Emily Sevensheep is member number #78 thanks to her mother also being a fan during the war.
  • Jack Rakan claims that he also had a fanclub long before Nagi gained his, possibly stemming from his time as a gladiator.

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