Melan kai Sphairikon Desmōtērion
Black Sphere Prison
Kanji 黒き牢球(メラン・カイ・スファイリコン・デズモテリオン)
Romaji Meran Kai Sufairikon Dezumoterion
English Black Sphere Prison
Greek Μέλαν και Σφαιρικόν Δεσμωτήριον
Transliteration Melan kai Sphairikon Desmōtērion
Debut (Manga) Chapter 228
User(s) Dynamis

Melan kai Sphairikon Desmōtērion is a capture spell in which the target is first covered in asphalt to restrict movement, then sealed within a shrinking spherical bounded field. This spell is powerful enough to trap dragons and other massive, spiritually powerful beings. Without special means of sustaining life, the target will asphyxiate once the asphalt hardens.