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File:Master of theGravekeeper's Palace Profile Picture.png
Master of the Gravekeeper's Palace


Personal Status

Negi Springfield (descendant)

Japanese Voice

Unknown (Mō Hitotsu no Sekai)

The Master of the Gravekeeper's Palace is a mysterious girl who was seen with Cosmo Entelecheia destroying the gateports when Ala Alba arrived on Mundus Magicus. The Master of the Gravekeeper's Palace reappeared during Ala Alba's assult of the Gravekeeper's Palace, when she revealed to Fate's Ministra Magi that she was the one who called Poyo Rainyday to stop Ala Alba[1]. After hearing that Negi had a plan to stop the collapse of Mundus Magicus The Master decided to "bet on the boy" and saved Negi's friends from Sextum by grabbing her core and immobilizing her.


Master of the Gravekeepers Palace

Who is she, really?

She is one of the true enigmas in Negima, the Master of the Gravekeeper’s Palace is a person shrouded in mystery. We know little of her save for a couple of things: she is powerful enough to take out an Averruncus on her own, she calls Negi her descendant, hinting at that she is far more older than she seems and while seemingly being the second-in-command of Cosmo Entelecheia, she turned her back on them when she heard that Negi has a plan to save the Mundus Magicus. Who knows what else she might be hiding?


  • She was previously thought to be the mastermind or second-in-command of Cosmo Entelecheia's plan to 'reduce the world to nothing'. This has since been disproved[2].
  • She has been revealed to be an ancestor of Negi's, hinting that she is far older than she looks[3].
  • Her face bears a resemblance towards Asuna.
  • In the context in which Negi says that she is "Asuna's..." and "Mother's..." (chapter 314), it is possible that she is Asuna's mother and Negi's grandmother
  • Her outfit in almost an exact replica of Dynamis, implying that they coud be related or belonging to a similar order of mages that could possibly be under the jurisdiction of Cosmo Entelecheia.


  1. volume 33, chapter 295
  2. 'Betray? ... You wound me. I do not recall ever being your comrade' - volume 34, chapter 314
  3. Assumed, since 'descendant' conveys many generations separates them

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