As a part-time Shinto Priestess, former Ministra Magi, and mercenary for hire, Mana Tatsumiya uses a variety of ammunition in her firearms to combat supernatural threats.

Known types of ammunition

  • Barrier Shot - A shell fired by Chachamaru at Sukuna from a large Anti-tank rifle. The shot immobilized the demon long enough for Evangeline to take it down with her "End of the World" spell.
  • "Spellbreaker" BB rounds - capable of penetrating magical barriers and damaging/exorcising demons and ghosts. It is more than likely that Mana possesses true bullets of this property as well.
  • Tranquilizer darts - Mana used this ammunition to forcibly stop love confessions in the area of the World Tree's magical influence during the Mahora Festival. The darts are designed to render the victim unconscious and paralyzed for the next few days until the festival is over, disabling them from making further confession attempts.
  • "BCTL" ( Bullet of Compulsory Time Leap ) - Dubbed the "ultimate bullet" by Chao Linshen, these bullets were used by Chao, Mana and the robot army during the "Mahora Mage Order vs. Mars" battle, this round is engineered to send the target three hours into the future, and also dislocates them to a certain area. The bullets also nullify magical barriers and will displace the target even if cut or deflected by a sword; the only defense against them is evasion or to shoot/block them from a safe distance. At the end of the festival, all victims of the bullets reappeared on a grassy knoll not far from the ending festivities.

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