Malleus Aquilonis
Malleus Aquilonis
Kanji 氷神の戦鎚
Romaji hyoujin no sentsui
English Warhammer of the Ice God (jap.)
Mace of the North Wind (lat.)
Latin Malleus Aquilonis
Debut (Manga) Chapter 108
User(s) Evangeline A.K. McDowell

Malleus Aquilonis (Mace of the North Wind) is an attack spell which crushes the target with a giant mass of ice. The creation and manipulation of ice being the cornerstone of cold-based magic, this is an extremely simple spell, its only real advantage being the massive force it can bring down on the target.


  • Aquilo is the Roman God of the North Wind (specifically, North-North-East), one of the Venti (Wind gods), and the bringer of Winter. He is equivalent to Boreas in Greek Mythology.

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