Known more commonly in the West as Magister Negi Magi, this anime-to-game adaptation for the Game Boy Advance features an original storyline. You play as Negi, a teacher at Mahora Gakuen. Your mission is to rescue the students who've gotten trapped in the dungeons of Library Island. The game is split into adventure parts and dungeon parts. Set in the school, the adventure parts have you collect information from students, practice battle and draft kids to head out to the dungeon with you. The dungeon part has you search for lost kids, clearing traps and fighting enemies using a card-based battle system.

Party Characters


Character stats as seen in Status Menu.

Player first starts the adventure with only Negi but as the player clears each level of the library, more characters will be unlocked. Each character varies in power such as Asuna is basic physical unit, Mana who can reduced opponent guage along with good damage, and Konoka who can heal and increase gauge.

HP: Hit points

AP: Attack power.

DP: Defense power.

Character Available
Negi Springfield From the begining.
Asuna Kagurazaka After defeat pink ghost boss..
Setsuna Sakurasaki After clear rescue Asuna.
Konoka Konoe After defeat big cat boss.
Ku Fei After rescue Konoka.
Nodoka Miyazaki After defeat fake Takahata,Shizuna,Ayaka and Makie.
Kaede Nagase After rescue Nodoka.
Mana Tatsumiya After rescue Yue.



Library Floors

The Hedge Maze

Overgrown Cliff (First part)

Overgrown Cliff (Last part)

Tomb Maze

Underground Lake

As Negi's team reach the 11th floor they discovered that the room were full of convenyor part, using the map they were about to reach the 12th floor and disable several waterfall. As they reaching the end of the floor they spot Makie on the other side of water, but she was being chased by three Golems.

Lakeside Villas

Teleport Area

Crystal Cavern

The Final Trials

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