Mahō Sensei Negima! Manga Volume 27
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Volume 27 is the 27th manga volume in the Mahō Sensei Negima! Manga franchise.

Volume Information

Release Date ISBN
Japanese September 17, 2009 978-4-06-384182-4
English July 27, 2010 978-0-345-52159-0

Cover Characters
Negi Springfield Jack Rakan
Ako Izumi Kotarō Inugami


  • 241. Negi Awakens!? (ネギ、覚醒!?, Negi, Kakusei!?)
  • 242. Thunder God Negi! (雷神・ネギ!, Raijin Negi!)
  • 243. Rakan, 120%!! (ラカン、120%!!, Rakan, Hyaku-Ni-Jū Pāsento!!)
  • 244. Negi's Utter Defeat!? (ネギ、 完敗!?, Negi, Kanbai!?)
  • 245. I Still Believe in You, Negi! (それでもやっぱり、ネギを信じてる!, Soredemo Yappari, Negi wo Shinjiteru!)
  • 246. I'll Win, For You! (勝利をあなたの為に!, Shōri wo Anata no Tameni!)
  • 247. Wild Dance of Trump Cards! (切り札、乱舞!!, Kirifuda, Ranbu!!)
  • 248. And to the Top. (そして、頂きへー。, Soshite, Itadaki hē.)
  • 249. Your Training is Complete! (免許皆伝!, Menkyokaiden!)


New Characters

New Spells


  • Staff
  • Lexicon Negimarium (魔術語彙集, Majutsu Goishū, lit. Magic Technique Vocabulary Collection)
  • Illustrated Portrait Corner (イラスト似顔絵コーナー, Irasuto Nigaoe Kōnā)
  • Class Roster
  • Preview of Mahō Sensei Negima! Volume 28
  • Character Explanation (キャラ解説, Kyara Kaisetsu)

Character Explanation

Student #30: Satsuki Yotsuba (四葉 五月, Yotsuba Satsuki)

Volume 27 - Satsuki
Satsuki’s lines are never in speech bubbles but always handwritten. This was something I thought of to express her koala-like adorableness. She’s a little bit chubby, which is extremely rare in Akamatsu Manga, and the staff loves her dearly.

Even Eva and Chao takes their hats off to her, but I wasn't able to portray the details of her actions at the school festival, so she ended up being a little mysterious. (^^;)

I hope I can fill the gaps someday.

In the Anime, she is voiced by Naomi Inoue-san. She used to be a swimsuit model, and her voice is super cute. Lately, she’s been pretty active as a singer, too.

In the Drama, she is played by Mei Shimizu-san. She's actually a voice actress, too. Where will she place her emphasis next?

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