Mage of the Beginning
Mage of the Beginning



Ialda Baoth (Real Name)







Professional Status

Cosmo Entelecheia


Creator of Mundus Magicus
Founder of Cosmo Entelecheia

Personal Status

Unknown Magus (Former host body)
Filius Zect (Former host body)
Nagi Springfield (Former host body)

Manga Debut

Chapter 232

Anime Debut


Japanese Voice

Yuko Kaida (UQ Holder! ~Mahou Sensei Negima! 2~)

Ialda Baoth (known by all as the Mage of the Beginning and sometimes as the Life-Maker) is a central character in Negima! and the actual main antagonist of the series. She is the mastermind behind the Cosmo Entelecheia and has existed for several millennia. The Averruncus are his special creations that serve him without question, with the obvious exception of Tertium.

Powers & Abilities

Beyond being a powerful and ancient archmage, the Mage of the Beginning's perhaps most potent ability is that of The Resonance[1]. As explained in UQ Holder, this is the power of infinite empathy. Essentially, it allows and forces the wielder to feel the emotions of everyone and everything. This is said to be so powerful as to reduce those with the ability to madness in a short time.

This is particularly important when combined with the Mage of the Beginning's other ability, a revenge type mental possession. When killed by anyone, they are then possessed, thus explaining his subsequent control of Nagi Springfield and Filius Zect. This is essentially a form of essence transfer, but interestingly enough the victim is not immediately taken over. Instead, they will have a time when they retain control of themselves. This will not last though as they will inevitably have the Resonance awakened within them, resulting in the loss of mental resistance and thus allowing the Life-Maker to take over completely[1]. Although not explicitly stated, it is also likely that some element of the possessed individual remains even after the Mage of the Beginning has become dominant. Due to this, the original gender of the Mage of the Beginning has not been firmly established, although for the Negima! and it's sequel UQ Holder the host bodies are biologically male.

The Life-Maker is also the known creator of Mundus Magicus, The Magical World, and all of its native inhabitants. She is also said to be the person who changed the Dark Evangel into what she is today.


Appearances in other media


The Mage of the Beginning make a cameo appearance in beginning of the movie.

UQ Holder!

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 3.16.57 PM

The Mage of Beginning in UQ Holder

In the sequel to Negima!, the Mage of the Beginning is mentioned by Nagumo, saying she was still active on the year 2065. She is shown with the appearance of her first host intercepting a delayed communication spell by Negi on her Signiture and is shown as pleased when she sees Touta[2]. Further mentions appear to indicate that the Mage of the Beginning was originally female[3], but this could just be indication of the oldest form they are aware of.

Later, it is revealed that the Mage of the Beginning has taken complete control of Negi [4] after Negi defeated his father (who was still the host of the Mage of the Beginning at the time), and the Mage of the Beginning uses Negi and his comrades, Yue Ayase, Nodoka Miyazaki, Jack Rakan and Albireo Imma - all thought to have perished in a previous war - to confront UQ Holder.[5]

During a dream walk with Touta, the Mage of the Beginning reveals that their original name was Ialda Baoth.

In the flashback of alternate timeline at Chapter 138, it's showed that Mage of the Beginning is still hosting Nagi's body, but later was defeated by Negi and Asuna.


  • There is no proper explanation of her past, though she appears to be the direct ancestor of Negi and Asuna.
  • The Life-Maker actually referred to Eva as her "daughter", thought it was said that she used to have a daughter who was the first princess in the history of Ostia.
  • The Life-Maker's gender is exactly unknown, but in the sequel UQ Holder! she appears as her first host body, Fate and Zazie keep refer the Life-Maker as "her" it is possible the Life-Maker was actually female. It's revealed the Life-Maker was a female in her true from in Chapter 140.


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