Limes Aeriales
Limes Aeriales
Kanji 風陣結界
Romaji fuujin kekkai
English Boundary Wall of Air
User(s) Yue

Limes Aeriales (Boundary Wall of Air) is a defensive spell which erects a mid-scale magic shield. The shield uses air currents to defend against attacks using air as a medium – fire, cold waves, gases, pressure, and such. However, even compared to other wind-based spells, this is a basic magic that does not have the potential energy to hold against large-volume solid bodies.


Elementa aerialia, venti spirantes,
cito adeuntes ab inimicis meis me defendant.
Limes Aeriales

Elements of Air, the breathing winds,
come quickly and protect me from my enemies.
Boundary Wall of Air

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