Incendium Gehennae
Incendium Gehennae
Kanji 奈落の業火
Romaji naraku no gouka
English Hellfire Conflagration
User(s) Rakan

Incendium Gehennae (Hellfire Conflagration/Conflagration of the Altar of Flames) is an attack spell of the Fire Element that summons a vicious storm of hellish fire to attack the target.

After connecting, it traps the victim in a tornado of black flames until it burns to ashes. The fact that Nagi, the Thousand Master, needed all his strength to defend against this spell indicates its high level of power and destructiveness.

With its long and winded incantation, this spell ranks just below High Ancient Spells in power.


Agite, tenebrae abyssi, ensis incendens!
Et incendium caliginis umbrae inimicitiae destrunctionis ultionis!
Incendant et me et eum, sint solum incendentes!
Incendium Gehennae

Come, darkness of the abyss, burning sword!
And the Conflagration of Mist, Shadows, Enmity, Destruction, and Vengeance!
Set he and I aflame, burning to our very foundation!
Hellfire Conflagration!


Gehenna is the name of Hell in the modern Kabbala, the jewish-christian mythology, literally meaning either Valley of Hinnon (the valley surrounding Jerusalem), or "Altar of Flames" - Hell, with the flame in question being the flame of the Judge Angel, Uriel.

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