Iaculatio Fulgoris
Iaculatio Fulgoris
Kanji 雷の投擲
Romaji ikadzuchi no touteki
English Lightning Spear Throw
Debut (Manga) Chapter 219
User(s) Negi

Iaculatio Fulgoris (Lightning Spear Throw) is a spell that attacks by creating electrically charged magical javelins shaped from mana that may be hurled at a target.

Because the projectiles released are javelins and not arrows, each of them is significantly stronger than a thunder Sagitta Magica, and has greater physical destructive power. They are also capable of pinning down the target.

However, because they mimic the shape of a javelin, they are easier to dodge than its direct version "Fulguratio Albicans".


Locos umbrae regnans Scathach,
in manum meam det iaculum daemonum cum spinis (numerus).
Iaculatio Fulgoris

Scathach, (ye) who rules the land of shadows,
give into my hand (number) barbed demonic spears.
Lightning Spear Throw

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