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Homura (焔, Homura) is one of Fate's many pactio partners and like the rest of the girls she has romantic feelings for him.


The fire spirit girl appears composed, but has a short-tempered personality and tends to look down on others -- a trait which causes her to underestimate her opponents. She is loyal to Fate because he saved her from war and even helped her bury her family in peace. As a fire spirit, she can set fire to anything just by looking at it. She has another ability, possibly an artifact, that allows her telekinesis.


She is briefly seen aiding Shiori in kidnapping Asuna during the Ostia Festival. She is apparently in charge of watching over the captive Anya and Asuna, as she is seen watching over them briefly. She also accompanies Fate and Koyomi during a visit to Asuna's room later in the story.

She joins the other girls in fighting Jack Rakan during the Governor's Ball, which confirms her identity as a fire spirit. Jack Rakan is able to grab her without being burnt by her flames, resulting in her defeat. She later attacks Negi's party at the final battle Gravekeeper's Palace, attempting to burn Negi's girls, but Negi averts her attack last-second. She tries to use her pyrokinesis again, but she is distracted by Nodoka, who risks exposure to flames surrounding her body by pushing her away. Her fire spirit abilities are then sealed by Yuna's artifact, Iris Tormentum. However, she soon rejoins the fray, and confronts Ku Fei, despite her abilities being partially sealed.


  • Fire Spirit Transformation: Allows Homura to change into her fire spirit form. In this form, the magic flames surrounding her body are incredibly hot, preventing others from touching her. Her pyrokinesis, which allows her to set anything ablaze just by looking at it, is a power among her species. This ability is not her artifact power. According to Ken Akamatsu, this is an ability inherent to her race, brought out with her contract with Fate.
  • Telekenisis: Another apparent ability -- possibly from her artifact -- that allows her to freely manipulate objects, allowing her a variety of techniques like floating, throwing rubble, or even closing mouths shut. This is likely a power from her pactio but an artifact, if any, is unknown.


Appearances in other media

UQ Holder!

Homura appears in Chapter 139 of UQ Holder!. In the flashback five years after Asuna returned to the timeline where she started to felt asleep at Mars, helping Negi and Fate to fight against the Mage of the Beginning.


  • Her codename, Homura, means "flame". Her true name is currently unknown.

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