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Haruki is a minor caracter seen throughout the Mahora Festival Arc. He is most often seen with his best friend Yuki.

Mahora Festival Arc

In Volume 10, Haruki and Yuki were one of the couples Negi saved from Mana's knockout bullets. Yuki is then seen confessing her love to him, altough it is unknown if she was succesful.

In Volume 14, Haruki and Yuki were one of the couples in the 'Mahora Festival Best Couples Awards', Where they cosplay as the Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. They later win, due to Ako not wearing a 'skimpy' swimsuit, which got much less reaction from the audience.

In Volume 16, Haruki and Yuki were participants in the round game, and were hit by the 'Naked Ray'. Haruki asks her if she is OK, but instantly recoils due to Yuki being stark naked. He is comically kicked away by Yuki, while she yells, 'Don't Look!'.

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