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Gateau Kagura von Vandenburg 001
Gateau Kagura Vandenburg



Gatou Kagura Vandenburg

Manga Debut

Chapter 100

Japanese Voice

Keiji Fujiwara (Alba Rubra Drama CD)

Gateau Kagura Vandenburg (ガトウ・カグラ・ヴァンデンバーグ, Gateau Kagura Vandenburg), is a former member of the Ala Rubra and former mentor to Takamichi T. Takahata.


Gateau was originally a soldier and worked in the military for Megalomesembria. After the time of the 'Great Bridge Recapture Operation, Gateau along with his pupil, Takamichi, joined the ranks of the Ala Rubra as allies and friends. Gateau was the one who started the investigation against Senator McGill and uncovered his affliation with Cosmo Entelecheia. He assisted in the battle against the forces of Cosmo Entelecheia during the end of the War in the Magical World. At some point during the war, Nagi, together with Eishun and Albireo, saved a young Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia, who was being forced to use her magic-canceling abilities for the enemy.

After the War

After the end of the war, Ala Rubra became even more famous and were considered from that moment on to be the 'Heroes of the Magical World'. The group split up into two groups, with Nagi, Eishun, Rakan, and Albireo traveling together and Gateau, Takamichi, and Godel working together. The latter group stayed by princess Arika's side as personal advisers following the war.

Disappearance and Death

Years after the war and shortly for Nagi's disappearing, Ala Rubra appears (without Zect, who vanished by the fight with the Mage of the Beginning, and Rakan) with Asuna in Istanbul.

Gateau last moments

After Nagi has already disappeared, Gateau, Takamichi, and Asuna traveled together. Gateau somehow gets mortally wounded protecting Asuna and, as he is dying, tells Takamichi to erase Asuna's memory of the events so that she would not have to live with the pain she had witnessed.


As a former member of Ala Rubra and master to Takamichi T. Takahata, it can be said that Gateau is an exceptionally powerful and skilled combatant. It was he who taught Takamichi all of his powerful techniques and how to combine Eastern ki and Magic.

  • Kankaho- A technique that combines Eastern ki and Western magic. Gateau uses his right arm to concentrate ki and his left arm for magic power.
  • Iaiken- Bare fist version of iaido (iai pulling of the sword). Gateau uses his pockets in replacement for scabbard (apparently the reason why he has his hands inside his pocket at stance), and carries out punches faster than the eye can see.



  • It is implied in the series that Asuna's fetish for older men based on her crush on Takahata was formed by her close relationship with Gateau. This is seen through her strong reactions to his death and her memories commonly featuring him as an important figure.

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