Kanji 浮遊術
Romaji Fuyuujutsu
English Levitation
Debut (Manga) Chapter 4
User(s) Negi Springfield

Fuyuujutsu (浮遊術, Levitation) is the power to fly. While flight magic is generally enabled through a broomstick or staff, it is possible for it to be used stand-alone and fly under their own power. However, a staff or broom can carry multiple passengers, while maintaining a speed comparable to an automobile.

As flight is simple to perform for even novices, only in emergency situations will mages directly order their brooms or staves. However, though it is considered a basic technique, magically enabled flight is subtly complex and requires many precautions – for example, magic to prevent from slipping off if using a broom, or perception inhibition magic to prevent ordinary people from noticing the mage.

Volatio. Levitatio. Scopae Volent is a spell that commands the broom to take off the ground.

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