Flans Saltatio Pulverea
Flans saltatio pulverea
Kanji 風花 風塵乱舞
Romaji Kazabana fuujin ranbu
English Dancing Dust
Debut (Manga) Chapter 31
User(s) Negi

(Flans) Saltatio Pulverea (Dancing Dust) is a spell that causes a powerful gust of wind in the direction cast; how strong depends on the amount of magic used. Its usefulness depends on the skill and creativity of the mage – in the hands of a skilled mage, Dancing Dust and its derivations can be used to put out fires, blow away smokescreens and create the latter from water spray, dust and sand whipped up by the gust.


Flet, une vente!
Flans Saltatio Pulverea

Flee, one gust of wind.
Blow forth, Dancing Dust!

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