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Flans Carcer Venti Vertentis
Flans Carcer Venti Vertentis
Kanji 風花旋風 風牢壁
Romaji Fuuka Senpuu Fuurouheki
English Flowering Whirling Prison of Wind
Latin Flans Carcer Venti Vertentis

Flans Carcer Venti Vertentis (Flowering Whirling Prison of Wind) is a capture spell that creates a tornado around the target, who will remained unharmed as long as they remain in the eye.

This is an offensive version of Flans Paries Venti Vertentis.


Vertatur tempestas aestiva,
illis carcarem circumvertentem.
Flans Carcer Venti Vertentis!

Oh surging storm of summer,
surround them in a prison.
Flowering Whirling Prison of Wind!

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