Flagrantia Rubicans
Flagrantia Rubicans
Kanji 紅き焔
Romaji akaki honoo
English Red Blaze
Debut (Manga) Chapter 113
User(s) Mei

Flagrantia Rubicans (Red Blaze) is a mid-level destruction spell that burns the target with intense flames and heat. Note structure of the spell is identical to that of the Fulguratio Albicans, marking it as the Fire-based version of the same.


Omne flammans flamma purgatus,
domine extinctionis et signum regenerationis,
in mea manu ens inimicum edat!
Flagrantia Rubicans!

Ever-burning fire of purification,
lord of destruction and sign of rebirth,
spring forth from my hand and throttle my enemy!
Red Blaze!

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