Extrasensory Perception
Kanji 超感覚知覚
English Extrasensory Perception (ESP)
Latin Extrasensoria Perceptio
Debut (Manga) Chapter 1
User(s) Negi Springfield

Extrasensoria Perceptio(超感覚知覚, Extrasensory Perception), also known as ESP, is basic cognitive magic to perceive the outside world.


When referring to perception outside the world it means outside the realm of the "normal" senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste). When the perception is sight, that which is sensed are electromagnetic waves―vibrations of electric and magnetic fields which form the visual spectrum; when auditory, vibrations in the air; when temperature (touch), vibrations on the molecular level. Each of the "ordinary" senses, then, is perceived across its various mediums, while ESP―being of an "extraordinary" nature―has as its home the spiritual plane, and therefore cannot be perceived by the common individual.

As regards to the matter of telepathy between Magi, communication is effected across a similar medium―that of the spiritual plane. To explicate further, just as the commonborn communicate via voice (vibrations in the air), or through written words (characters relayed across the visual spectrum), so too do the magically gifted communicate, albeit in a manner wholly unlike "speech" or "words" appearing in the receiver's mind, but as something completely different.

As phenomena without overt, outward manifestation which may be rationalized without empirical evidence even by those who are not of the magical world, those abilities which fall beneath the rubric "ESP" tend to less popular than those of a more easily perceptible, external character (i.e., conflagration) insofar that, among the magically inclined, abilities of a perceptive or intuitive nature tend to be seen as rather more practical and, therefore, less exciting. Even in the quotidian world of corporate business, for example, it is not uncommon to retain (however discreetly) fortunetellers as company consultants. In this sense, the career path chosen by Negi's schoolmate, Anya, is not at all unusual.


Many of the users of magic, or Magi, have various forms of ESP.

  • Reading the minds of others
  • Distinguishing among particular magic powers
  • Perceiving future events
  • Clara Visibilitas (千里眼, senrigan, Clairvoyance) - Observing in real time details and events that your eyes cannot physically see.
  • Detecting infiltration into a specified area
  • Being aware when one's self is being observed
  • Sensing the feelings of one to whom one is close
  • Noting the presence of a spiritual being
  • Seeing through an illusion
  • Detecting the presence and location of another Magi

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