Evangeline's Resort

Evangeline's Resort is a miniaturized world located within a glass diorama sphere belonging to Evangeline A.K. McDowell located within her cottage.

Permanently set within a summer-like atmosphere, the top of the tower contains a pool and spa as well as basic residential properties like sleeping area and a kitchen. At the base of the tower is a tropical beach with a pseudo-ocean. Within the tower is a private palace; featuring a large indoor bath, a dinning room overlooking the ocean and a library and study where Evangeline keeps books and scrolls on various magic techniques and spells. The tower is also populated by various servants that are considered the "older sisters" of Chachamaru Karakuri.

Following her taking on Negi as her apprentice she used the resort to train due to how the altered flow of time within the resort enabled her more time to train him and help him practice. Eventually the diorama was revealed to other students as well and became a popular place to retire to amongst the members of the as-of-yet-to-be-formed Ala Alba group. Following the addition of other apprentices, Evangeline created a new set of diorama spheres dubbed the Lebenschilt Castle to further their training.

Evangeline's Resort is first introduced in Chapter 63.



  • Within the resort Evangeline's powers are unsealed, enabling Chachazero to move freely on her own.
  • Takamichi T. Takahata has used the resort in the past in order to train to use Magic Ki Synthesis.
  • After her confession of love was rejected by Takahata during the Mahora Academy School Festival, Asuna spent four days within the resort due to depression.
  • During their time in the Magic World, Princess Theodora gave Negi another of these Diorama Spheres to train within; this one being a tropical island with a cabana.
  • As an alternate world, time moves at an accelerated rate of 24 times within the resort, where a single hour in the outside world is equivalent to a full day within the sphere.
  • Due to a spell cast by Evangeline, occupants must stay for a "day" before being able to leave.
  • During their match in the Mahora Martial Arts Tournament, Evangeline transported herself and Setsuna Sakurazaki to a magical replica of the resort to continue their match without social or magical restrictions on their abilities.
  • Evangeline used the resort to 'get away' from the school grounds early on in her confinement. She stopped doing so when she realized that she was prolonging her imprisonment.

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