Dios Tukos
Axe of Lightning
Kanji 雷の斧(ディオス・テュコス)
Romaji Diosu Tyukosu
English Axe of Lightning
Greek Διος Τυκος
Transliteration Axe of Lightning
Debut (Manga) Chapter 63
User(s) Evangeline

Dios Tukos is an offensive spell where the user makes a downward-sweeping motion which destroys the target with an intense electric attack. While the attack has a limited area of effect, its short incantation makes it very effective at close to medium range.


Κενότητος ἀστράπσατω δὲ τεμέτω.
Δίος τύκος!

Kenotêtos astrapsatô de temetô!
Dios Tukos!

(ケノテートス・アストラプサトー・デ・テメトー ディオス・テュコス)」

Kenotētosu Asutorapusatō de Temetō Diosu Tyukosu

Come from the void, oh thunder, [and] cut down my enemy!
Axe of the Lightning God!

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