Demi-humans are a category of humanoid races that exist primarily within the Magic World and cannot exist in the Old World without assistance or a source of considerable magic power.

Due to their entire existence being reliant on magic, many humans, whose existence are not reliant on magic and can exist inside and outside the Magic World, consider them to be of no more worth than fictional characters and do not recognise their right to be treated equally as sentient beings.

Demi-Human Types


Identified by the possession of animal-like traits (usually animal ears, tail, fur or something similar). Some have demonstrated the ability to transform into were-creatures realitive to their species; eg. the catgirl Koyomi can transform into a humanoid cat beast.


Identified by a pair of overly large dragon-like horns portruding from their heads. Dragonfolk are capable of transforming into full sized dragons and as such are considered one of the more powerful of the demi-human races.

Dryad/Tree Spirit

Identified by a pair of uniquely-shaped horns portruding from their heads, tree spirits are a Demi-Human race on the brink of extinction. The horns of a tree spirit are the source of their powers and are a primary ingredient to produce an expensive cure-all potion on the black market. Many tree spirits are poached for their horns and then sold into slavery.

They possess the natural ability to manipulate trees and vines at will and can also transform into a "Tree Dragon".


Identified by a pair of pointed "pixie-ears", Elves possess powerful mind-reading abilities based on skin contact. As such, they are highly feared, used, and often slain if it is felt that they know too much.

Fire Spirit

Possess pyrokenisis and the ability to transform into a being of fire.



  • As a hobby, Fate Averruncus wanders battlefields and nurses war orphans back to health, sending them to school so that they may carry on with their lives. Fate's Ministra Magi group is made up primarily of Demi-human girls he had saved as children. Including these girls, Fate has taken in sixty-two war orphans as of the start of Negima! Magister Negi Magi!.

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