Captus Flammeus
Kanji 紫炎の捕らえ手
Romaji shien no toraete
English Violet Fiery Capturing Hand
Debut (Manga) Chapter 312
User(s) Mei

Captus Flammeus (Fiery Captor) is a capture spell that creates a cylindrical pillar of flame around the target, maintained by a bounded field that can only be broken by magic. As it is not an offensive spell, the flames will not directly burn the target, but the heat inside the field is enough to cause hyperthermia, hindering blood circulation in the brain.


Ex somno exsistat exurens Salamandra
inimicum involvat igne!
Captus Flammeus

Let the Blazing Salamander Appear
and Cover the Enemy with Fire!
Fiery Captor!

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