Calefaciens Exarmatio
Calefaciens Exarmatio
Kanji 熱波・武装解除(カレファキエンス・エクサルマティオー)
Romaji Karefakiensu Ekusarumatiō
English Heat Wave Disarmament
Debut (Manga) Chapter 212
Debut (Anime) Mō Hitotsu no Sekai OVA
User(s) J Von Katze
S Du Chat

Calefaciens Exarmatio (Heat Wave Disarmament) is a disarming spell that heats and vaporises the target’s equipment. Naturally, this will not work on metallic and earthenware objects, so at the same time, it applies heat-resistance magic to avoid direct damage to the target’s flesh. Due to this, it requires complicated manipulation of energy.

The flame variant of Flans Exarmatio and Frigerans Exarmatio.