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The pet projects of the Mage of the Beginning, these series of contructs were designed by him to act as his right hands and supreme commanders of Cosmo Entelecheia (with Dynamis serving to act as an advisory general of sorts).

Similar to the Adad (composed of Septendecim as well as two others) and the Atur (composed of Nii and her unseen predecessor), the Averruncuses are the Lifemaker's most loyal and powerful subjects who serve to carry out his will.


The Averruncus of Earth and most calculating.

1st averruncus

First of the Averruncuses


The Averruncus of Wind and most psychotic.

2nd averruncus

Second of the Averruncuses

Tertium (Fate)

The Averruncus of the Elements and arguably the most powerful.

3rd averruncus

Third of the Averruncuses


The Averruncus of Fire and most destructive.

4th averruncus

Fourth of the Averruncuses


The Averruncus of Wind and most agile.

5th averruncus

Fifth of the Averruncuses


The Averruncus of Water and most graceful as well as the only female.

6th averruncus

Sixth of the Averruncuses

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