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Arika Anarchia Entheofushia



Arika Anarukia Enteofyushia


The Queen of Calamity





Hair Color


Eye Color


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Personal Status



Nagi when he's being a pervert


Nagi Springfield (husband)
Negi Springfield (son)
Asuna Kagurazaka (relative)

Manga Debut

Chapter 230

Anime Debut

Mahou Sensei Negima! ANIME FINAL

Japanese Voice

Megumi Hayashibara (Drama CD)

Arika Anarchia Entheofushia (アリカ・アナルキア・エンテオフュシア, Arika Anarukia Enteofyushia) was the princess and later queen of the Vespertatia, and Negi's mother.


She has heterochromia (left eye green, right blue), similar to Asuna's eyes (left eye blue, right green). She was very naive and cold because of her upbringing inside the castle which both shelter her from the world and expose her to the greed and betrayal within the kingdom, despite all this she is shown to be a brave leader. When she reluctantly sacrificed her country to save the magic world she did everything within her power to reduce the casualties, including going personally to escort people to safety, and even when casualties amounted to less than three percent this was still not enough. Because of her sheltered upbringing she had problems expressing her true emotions, which she believes she is not allow to have because of her royal status and hardly changes her cold expression. She also has no patience for Nagi's perverted advances towards her and slaps him with her magic whenever he gets out of line.



Arika as she appeared during the war

Arika Anarchia Entheofushia was the princess and later queen of the Vespertatia and was also the person most actively trying to end the war before ruin. For this, she needed "the invincible" Ala Rubra on her side. After she came in contact with Ala Rubra in the 


Nagi saves Arika... S2

confederation and gained information, she went to meet the third princess of the Hellas empire to commence negotiations but both princesses were captured by after Ala Rubra were declared traitors by Primum. Caught in that trap, pursued by both the empire and the confederation, they manage to fight their way towards the place where Princess Arika and Princess Theodora of the Hellas Empire were being held captive, rescue them and escaped to their hide out. There, they suggested that the according to their information the higher-ups in the capital of Ostia were heavily corrupted by the enemy which lead to the conclusion that they had no allies in the empire, the confederation, or Vespertatia. Arika once again asked Nagi and Ala Rubra to served under her and then they started their counter attack, thanks to Arika, Ala Rubra still had a few allies and they were able to identify who was the enemy.

During the final battle, Arika was able to stopped the magic that would have destroyed the world using the magic that kept Ostia floating.

Arika's execution

Arika was arrested when the Megalomesembria senate accused her of killing her father, the King, and for being in league with Cosmo Entelecheia, this was all false information the senate created to make her a scapegoat for the war. Arika was force to spend two years imprisoned before her schedule execution in Cerberus Canyon. After she jumped to her death in Ceberus Canyon she was rescued by Nagi, who confesses his feelings for Arika and makes her admit her own feelings for him, after Arika finally admits she loves Nagi, he proposed and Arika replied "yes". Rakan and Ala Rubra forced the senate to cover up the rescue so that Arika could live in peace but this did not stopped the Megalomesembria senate from putting a bounty on Ala Rubra.

Arika saving Nagi

Eight years after the war Arika is seen fighting the remnants of Cosmo Entelachiea, which included Tertium, alongside Nagi and Albireo. Two years later she gave birth to Negi Springfield, but because of unknown circumstances she couldn't raise him.


It is hinted that Arika is holding a special kind of magical power, so far only known as 'Royal Magic'. Apparently it is a different kind of magic compared to the normal one. Its true power and abilities are to date unknown, but its obviously very strong, since Arika was able to beat up Nagi with simple slaps pretty badly. Arika has also been seen with a sword a few times, but it is unknown how well she can use it.


  • It was never revealed where her whereabouts are as she did not show up during the epilogue and the cover of volume 38 leading to some fans to believe that she might be dead.

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