City of Magic Education, Ariadne V2

Ariadne is a city-state of magical education located near the border of the Hellas Empire. They will accept anyone who is willing to learn 'even Death himself'.


The Ariadne Mage Knights participated in the Schimastic War orchestrated by Cosmo Entelechia twenty years ago. The current Grandmaster, Seras is known to be an admirer (fangirl) of Nagi Springfield, whom she met personally on the eve of the final battle.

They are also the only military force allowed in the Ostian Grand Festival.

Notable Persons


Ariadne Students

Ariadne Students - from top, clockwise - Beatrix, Emily, Yue and Collette



Non-Mage Knight Classes

There appears to be lessons in non-combative spells such 'Forgetfulness Spells' which Collette was practicing when she accidently crashed into Yue and erased her memory.

Mage Knights

While the full extent of Ariadne Classes are never specified, the Mage Knight classes cover history, broomstick relay and presumably swordscraft as well as combative spells.


Being a city-state of magical education it stands to reason that, like Mahora, there are a number of different schools and boys are taught elsewhere. However, there is no indication of this in the manga.


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