Albireo's Resort is a mage tower located within a hidden chamber underground beneath the World Tree and Library Island. The tower serves as the residence of Albireo Imma.


Other Appearances

UQ Holder!


Seventy-five years after the events of Negima! Magister Negi Magi, Albeiro's Resort appears abandoned within a monster-infested catacomb beneath the UQ Holder's headquarters in UQ Holder!.

The tower had become known as once belonging to an evil mage until 30 years before the manga's events. Known as a training ground for evil mages the tower was now the resting place of the Gravity Blade; a sword created by the mage capable of altering its density to increase or decrease it's weight through the manipulation of gravity.

The tower was later destroyed by Jinbei Shishido while testing out the Gravity Sword's potential uses.


  • The chamber within which the resort is located is guarded by a dragon.
  • For some unknown reason, Albireo has been "stuck" at his resort for 10 years, and can only send out a replica of himself every year during the Mahora Academy School Festival with the help of the World Tree's magic.
  • As registered librarian of Library Island, Albireo's resort is filled with books of various origins.

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