Age Deceiving Pills

The Age-Deceiving Pills

The Red Candy/Blue Candy, Age-Deceiving Pills (English-version: Age-Misrepresentation Pastilles, Red & Blue Candy Drops) are special, very expensive magic pills that Chamo had purchased at These pills have the ability to change the outer appearance of the person who takes them, to different age by an illusion. The red pills render the user older, while the blue pills make the user younger. Due to the somewhat unstable effects, it is very difficult to make oneself older or younger more than a few years from his/her true age, and the effects usually last for about half a day.

The main purpose was to turn Negi 30 years old, in order to help Asuna get the courage to ask out Takahata, by using Negi as a practice subject. Turning 30 was too hard for Negi, so he settled on a teenage (15 years old) version of himself, (which later became his 'cousin Nagi'). Konoka was the only one so far to be able to attain an adult form of herself (ages 18 and 21), as well as an infant version, (possibly by accident after gorging on the pills). Other users of the pills include the wolf-boy Kotarou (15), Setsuna (7) and Chisame (10) (without her consent when Chachamaru popped one in her mouth). Not surprisingly, the older-looking Negi resembles his father Nagi when he was 15, and even Evangeline was fooled for a moment. Negi has used the pills on a few occasions, most recently to escape the paparazzi after the Mahora Fighting Tournament, and to take out Ako Izumi as 'Nagi' to help her relax before the Mahora Festival's live concert. Mana has also used a blue pill in order to get into a movie theater at a child's rate, though it is revealed that the cost of one pill is ¥2000, which is even more than an adult ticket.

When Ala Alba was being hunted by bounty hunters in the Magic World, Negi and Kotarou assume their teenage forms, while Chisame returns to her guise as "Chiu's Little Sister" by using age-deceiving pills prepare by Evangeline, which are more powerful than the old ones.


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