Pnoē Petras
Breath of Stone
Kanji 石の息吹(プノエー・ペトラス)
Romaji Punoē Petorasu
English Breath of Stone
Greek Πνοη Πετρας
Transliteration Pnoē Petras
Debut (Manga) Chapter 50
User(s) Fate Averruncus

Pnoē Petras is a spell that creates a cloud of gas that petrifies anything with which it comes in contact with. Due to its nature of a gas, it may be counteracted by a sufficiently strong wind spell that blows the gas away.

It is the area-of-effect variant of Kakon Omma Petrôseôs.


Βασιλισκὲ γαλεώτε μετά κὦκτὼ ποδῶν καί κακοῖν ὀμμάτοιν!
πνοῆν τοῦ ἰοῦ τόν χρόνον παραιροῦσαν!
Πνοή Πέτρας!

Basiliske Galeōte meta Kōktō Podōn kai Kakoin Ommatoins!
Pnoēn Tou Iou Ton Chronon Parairousan!
Pnoē Petras

(バージリスケ、ガレオーテ、メタ・コークトー・ポドーン・カイ・カコイン・オンマトイン・プノエーン・トゥ・イウー・トン・クロノン・パライルーサン プノエー・ペトラス)

Bājirisuke, Gareōte, Meta Kōkutō Podōn Kai Kakoin Onmatoin Punoēn Tu Iū Ton Kuronon Parairūsan Punoē Petorasu

Basilisk, Lizard with Eight Legs and Evil Eyes!
Breathe out the time-stealing poison!
Breath of Stone!

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