Ο Μονολιθος Κιων Του Αιδου
Stone Pillar of Hades
Kanji 冥府の石柱
Romaji meifu no sekichuu
English Stone Pillar of Hades
Transliteration Ho Monolithos Kion Tou Haidou
Debut (Manga) Chapter 188
User(s) Fate

Ο Μονολιθος Κιων Του Αιδου (Ho Monolithos Kion Tou Haidou, Stone Pillar of Hades) is an attack spell which summons large-volume stone pillars; a high-level mage can control these pillars through psychokinesis. While summoned by magic, the pillar itself cannot be defended against via anti-magic shields. However, the mass of the pillar means that it is almost impossible to deflect with anti-physical shields.


Ο Ταρταρος κειμενον Βασιλιον Νεψρον.
Πηαινσατος ηεμιν.
Ο Μονολιθος Κιων Του Αιδου

O, Tartaros keimenon Basileion necron,
Phainsastos hemin.
Ho Monolithos Kion Tou Haidou

Oh, temple of the sleeping dead beneath the earth,
Appear from below us!
Pillars of Hades!

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