Οὐρανία Φλόγωσις
Burning Sky
Kanji 燃える天空
Romaji Moeru Tenkū
(Ūrania Furogōshisu)
English Blazing Heat in the Sky
Transliteration Ourania Phlogosis
Debut (Manga) Chapter 159
User(s) Chao

Οὐρανία Φλόγωσις (Blazing Heat in the Sky) is a High Ancient Fire-Element spell that summons a massive blast of flames to attack. The spell has a long verse, magical energy charging throughout the course of the incantation. Once the aria is completed, a massive area-of-affect firestorm is unleashed, causing extremely high-temperature flames to engulf and incinerate the targeted area. Even when Negi had set his magical barrier to maximum, he still received damage from the blaze; however, it should be noted that Chao had not been able to charge the spell with its full potential.

Recited in Ancient Greek, the composition of the spell's incantation is similar to that of Κοσμικὴ Καταστροφή (End of the World) used by Evangeline, indicating that it is the King-level, the most powerful of the Fire element spells (it beseeches the "Tyrant of Flame", a tyrant being a form of ruler). However, as increasing the temperature does not violate the Third Law of Thermodynamics as Κοσμικὴ Καταστροφή does, this spell is thus considered slightly less advanced than Evangeline's. It is also unclear if this spell has an inherent area-of-affect or needs to be targeted, as Chao focussed the spell into a single stream to attack with concentrated force.


Τὸ συμβόλαιον διακονῆτω μοί, ο τύραννε φλογός.
Ἐπιγενηθήτω, φλόξ καθάρσεως, ῥομφαία φλογίνη.
Ῥευσάντων πῦρ καί θεῖον, ἇ ἐπέφλεγον Σόδομα,
ἁμαρτωλούς, εἰς χοῦν θανάτου!
Οὐρανία Φλόγωσις!

To sumbolaion diakoneto moi, o turanne phlogos!
Epigenetheto, phlox catharseos, romphaia phlogine.
Rheusanton, pur kai theion, ha epephlegon Sodoma,
amartôlous, eis choun thanatou!
Ourania Phlogosis!

Heed the Contract and Serve Me, O Tyrant of Flame!
Come, flame of purification, fiery broadsword.
Fire and brimstone surge forth, burn (down) Sodom,
turn the sinners into the dust of death!
Blazing Heat in the Sky!


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