Κιλιαπλ Άστραπή
Thousand Thunderbolts
Kanji 千の雷
Romaji Sen no Ikadzuchi
English Thousand Thunderbolts
Transliteration Kiliaphe Astrape
Debut (Manga) Chapter 169
User(s) Nagi

Κιλιαπή Άστραπή (Kiliaphe Astrape, Thousand Thunderbolts) is an extremely destructive, wide-range spell, widely considered to be among the most powerful lightning spells in existence, and so far the one with the greatest range and potential area-of-effect. During the incantation, magic is charged, and then released in a hail of 1000 lightning bolts, hence the name. It is stated to have ten times the destructive power of Iovis Tempestas Fulguriens[1]. It is the favorite High Ancient spell of Nagi Springfield.

To aim at a target, the spell needs an interjection in Latin, specifying the target area, which is done through creating and extending an “Instant Targeting Array Circle” around the desired target, done by offering blood if done by a beginner.[2] This is due to the fact that, unlike Terra Findens (a "wave/surge flood" as specified in the spell) and Κοσμικη Καταστροφή (a glacier of special properties), Thousand Thunderbolts has no inherent area-of-effect, as it strikes "out of the blue" from the high skies.

Due to the wide area that is affected, this spell is normally used against entire armies or fleets, and like most spells of this tier, a skilled mage may focus the area-of-effect-spell into a single concentrated stream to attack high-level opponents.


Τό συμβόλαιον διακονητω μοί, βασιλευ Όυρανίωνων!
Έπιγενηθήτω αίθαλους κεραυνέ ός Τιτηνας φθείρειν.
Έκατοντάκις καί χιλιάκις άστραψάτω.
Κιλιαπή Άστραπή!

To sumbolaion diakonêtô moi, basileu Ouraniônôn!
Epigenêthêto, aithalous keraune os Titênas phtheirein.
Êkatontakis kai kiliakis astrapsatô!
Kiliaphe Astrapê!

Heed the contract and serve me, O King of the Skies!
Come forth, Titan-slaying blazing thunder.
Hurl down lightning one hundred times and even one thousand times!
Thousand Thunderbolts!

Instant Targeting Array Circle Incantation

This incantation is inserted between lines 2 and 3 of the previous incantation to aim at a specific area or target(s) that is not directly in front of the mage.

Iactum Extendentem Circulum praesentum!
Captem obiecta a primum ad decimum!
Area Constet! Intus se premant spiritus ad pressuram criticalem!
Tribus, Duobus, Modo! Capturam disiungens!
Omnes spiritus fulguranoles fortissime emittam!

Present the Widening Throwing Circle!
Capture the objects first to the tenth!
Established Area! Spirits, overwhelm us unto the critical pressure within!
In three, two, now! Separation captivity!
All spirits will send forth most valiantly like lightning!


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