Aionion Petrosis
Eternal Petrification
Kanji 永久石化(アイオーニオン・ペトローシス)
Romaji Aiōnion Petorōshisu
English Eternal Petrification
Greek Αιωνιον Πετρωσις
Transliteration Aionion Petrosis
Debut (Manga) Chapter 228
User(s) Fate Averruncus

Aionion Petrosis is an attack spell which releases a beam of light from the fingers, petrifying all living and non-living beings in contact with it. While the petrification caused by Pnoē Petras and Kakon Omma Petrôseôs can be magically countered or cancelled, this spell is comparatively even more dangerous, as its effect is semi permanent. It would require calling on spirits on a divine level of power to undo this spell.

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